♡ Kandy/Kaik | She/They | Previously Kandy's Creations ♡

Illustrator ✧ Streamer ✧ Youtuber

Hello, I'm Kaik or Kandy and I draw cute stuff! I also do conventions, youtube vlogs and twitch streams at least twice a week. Come hang out! ✧~

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Commission Status
♡ Open ♡

Before making a commission request, make sure you visit the link to my portfolio and recognize my work and style of drawing. Also please make sure you've read and understood my terms of services.

Commission Form ✧ HERE✧

Halloween YCH

Starting at $30 USD

This YCH can be turn into a badge or small print for an additional cost. Can choose Halloween head accesory

Character Icon

Starting at $30 USD

Icon can be turn into a name badge for an added $8

Flat Color Chibi

Starting at $40 USD

Includes a simple pattern background, a loose outline and flat color in a soft watercolor style.

All the Sparks Style Chibi

Starting at $65 USD

Includes a simple background, detailed outline and fully render coloring


1 for $20 USD
3+ for $15 USD each

Will receive all three sizes needed for Twitch per emote.

PNGTuber Model

Starting at $100 USD

PNG Model includes blinking, talking and one accessory of choice (tablet, controller,etc). Extra expressions or accessories are $40/ea. Waist up model starts at $100, full body model starts at $150.Will receive individual files ready to be used for veadotube mini or similar voice activated platform.

Original Characters


Pronouns ♡ She/Her
Specie ♡ Moot


Pronouns ♡ She/Her
Specie ♡ Lunar Moth


Pronouns ♡ She/Her
Specie ♡ Rosy Maple Moth


Pronouns ♡ She/Her
Specie ♡ Spider


Pronouns ♡ She/They
Specie ♡ Frog

Terms of Services

✧ I do not draw gore or animal cruelty. Basically if it makes me uncomfortable I won't draw it.✧ Payment through Paypal only. Full Payment upfront✧ I keep full credits for every and any art I produce.✧ Art cannot be resell or use as an NFT of any kind.✧ I have the right to post finish piece on my socials for portfolio reasons (can be discussed for specific situations.)✧ A commercial license needs to be discuss if using commission work for merchandising or sale purposes.✧ Please provide as many references as you can when I messaged you. This will help me understanding the character and what you want more.✧ If you decide you don't want to continue with the commission AFTER I send the rough concept sketch I will only refund you 50% of your purchase. Once you confirm with moving forward no refunds will be offer.✧ Please keep in mind the style I do. I won't copy or do someone else's style for you.



Upcoming Events

Anime Festival Orlando
June 28 - 30, 2024

Past Events

FreeCon 20 at Tallahassee
March 30 & 31, 2024

Milkmart Holiday Market
December 17

Winter Market at Blackbird Comics & Coffeehouse
December 10

Fantasmicon at Winter Park Library

Holmat 2022

Halloween Markets

Holiday Matsuri 2021

Wasabicon 2021